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Mark Vitner

  • The relief money is coming in much faster than it has for any other natural disaster that I can remember. That should help minimize some of the hit on consumer spending,... Mark Vitner {view}
  • While it seems counterintuitive, higher gasoline prices are actually helping restrain core inflation. With more money being spent for gasoline, consumers have fewer dollars left for discretionary purchases. The net result is that firms are slashing prices on everything from cars to beer in order to move product.... Mark Vitner {view}
  • Just as when you save for kids' college, you don't want all your money in stocks two years before they start school. Now that the boomers are starting to retire, there's a lot more interest in bonds and longer-dated paper.... Mark Vitner {view}
  • The federal response has been much larger than we thought it would be, ... And the money is being spent much more quickly.... Mark Vitner {view}