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Keanu Reeves

  • I like writing songs. I like the camarderie of the and. I like touring. I love playing bass. And then there's free beer.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • I do think there must be some kind of interaction between your living life and the life that goes on from here.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • Mortality is very different when youíre 20 to when youíre 50.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • It is incredibly empowering to know that your future is in your hands.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • Tomorrow isnít guaranteed, so live today!... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • Art is about trying to find the good in people and making the world a more compassionate place.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • You have to change your life if youíre not happy, and wake up if things arenít going the way you want.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth.... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • Grief changes shape but it never ends. ... Keanu Reeves {view}
  • Sometimes simple things are the most difficult things to achieve.... Keanu Reeves {view}